Auspicous Time for a New Earth – A New Gaia!

Welcome earthly being pretending to be small and limited! What an amazing time to be on this incredible planet of beauty, diversity, emotions and limitless possibilities!  The past few years have been a bitch, aye? If you made it this far, good on ya mate! (Australia is on my bucket list, can you tell!)

A New Gaia is a channel for educational journeys that spark your Soul, nudge you into your true self and surround you in compassionate experiences that awaken you into your highest Self!  


We offer numerous courses, one-on-one readings and healings, paddle and outdoor adventures, sound healing and programs for kids to remind them early of who they are! AND we have a couple BIG items up our sleeves that can save humanity, the earth, put us back in good graces our brethren and make living on this planet a whole lot nicer! And we’re just warming up! 

Please join us in celebrating your life, your journey and the limitless opportunity we are given to make this Earth – A New Gaia!  Let’s have fun together! 

Join our email list to be informed of upcoming adventures!  Could be a paddling adventure, a bike trip, a trip to Bali, Mexico, Spain, paragliding! Who knows!

In Joy and Gratitude – Scott

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PS – these pics are from the recent 6 month adventures! Don’t wanna miss these!

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