Soulful Sojourns is an experiential outdoor laboratory for learning how to relax, have fun and allow nature to nurture us as only she can. Soulful Sojourns is part of A New Gaia, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to education, research, developing and sharing consciousness raising experiences through nature, technology, seminars, talks and good ole fireside chats as we all learn how to live the best lives possible.

You may have noticed that life theses days is both crazy, chaotic and also confusingly new, exciting and different!  Old ways of doing things seem to be crumbling, collapsing and outright failing.  We see this as the chaos displayed daily in our news.

A new life you may strive for is playful, soulful, authentic and nurturing to yourself and in turn all around you!  Jobs are changing, companies are changing, people are changing, sometimes by choice or by a not-so-subtle wake up call in life.  I'm thrilled to see so many out walking, biking, running, doing yoga, strapping canoes, kayaks and paddle boards to cars and people seeking more outdoor life to balance and rejuvenate themselves.

We're all about seeking and living a life that helps us heal our past, envision and script a blissful future and strive to live now, moment by moment being compassionate, loving observers of our evolving life!

Join us! This is fun!!