What is a good life other than searching for and living our own unique truth? Imagine waking up each day in excitement and joy looking forward to what blessings, abundance and love is waiting for you! Living from our truth creates a synchronicity with life in such joyful and profound ways that this could be the most important pursuit we can have.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Personal readings and healings are truth seeking sessions. Where did we take on the energy of lack, limitation, false beliefs and judgments that obscure our truth and throw us off our path? When those energies are found and released, life gets SO much better, easy and fun!

Through our early years we take on the energy and ideals of others in order to fit in, feel love and be accepted.  When those energies and pursuits of others don’t fit our truth, we spend enormous amounts of effort, usually unconsciously, defending, protecting and acting from a place of trauma and hurt. Instead of living from an open heart of love, joy and opportunity, we tend to contract and shrink down to protect our wounds. We seek relationships that resonate with our wounds and live life wondering why we’re “always unhappy”. When the unconscious blocks or negative patterns in your life are healed, more light, more truth and a clearer path open up for you to pursue your truth!

How Sessions Work

Reading and healing sessions are one-on-one phone calls with Scott that involve a meditation to connect with and ask permission from your Higher Self to proceed with this sacred work.  When you’re ready to do this work, it’s usually 100% guided by your Soul and Higher Self, so 99.8% of the time we are good to go!

Sessions can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours or we can set a time limit that is always honored by our guides.  We often start with your current issues and challenges that are tripping you up or causing anger, sadness, grief and frustration.  From there we work with higher guidance to reveal, learn and dissolve old energies and patterns causing the issues and replace them with higher energy and tools that open up new pathways and truth in your life. There can be much laughter, aha moments, fun explorations, tools that empower you to continue your growth and magical moments that surprise and awe you!  This explains why many clients are therapists who enjoy the fun and light-hearted work of transmuting old energy!

What are the costs?

I use a sliding scale of payment from $75 to $125 per hour in 15 minute increments.  Pay what you like from this scale by Venmo or credit card.  Sorry, no insurance taken.

What’s a Session Like?

“When I am in need of a wise, comforting healer to see and sense with me, I always think of Scott. My sessions with him have been grounding, informative, and deeply inspiring, always creating the shift I need. Scott is warm, compassionate, easy to connect with, and uniquely skilled- I respect and value his work so very much!”

Jeanette G, Colorado

About Scott

In his parallel and alter-ego life as a businessman, Scott has enjoyed a 40 year career creating hardware and software products on  the other web that connects everyone – The Internet! His love for the fast and fascinating world of computer technology includes most recently owning a 30 year old, award winning software development business.

Not able to continually withstand consensus reality rules, Scott frequently takes to the skies as a pilot, paraglider and wanna-be levitating guru. Scott began emerging from his spiritual closet in his mid-forties to explore an insatiable desire to heal deep physical, emotional and mental wounds, play with manifestation and enjoy a more suitable life in spiritual alchemy.

Ten plus years would be spent in intense study and practice in energy medicine, full sensory perception, heart awakening, and the re-awakening of his powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and healing. His studies earned numerous Ministerial Licenses from an esteemed mystery school in Mt. Shasta CA. Since 2013 Scott has led hundreds of personal healing sessions, taught numerous classes on energy medicine, practiced in hospital cancer wards and most recently earned advanced certifications in PSYCH-K healing modalities.

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